plunge #89

Look, we’re gonna need(reed) some time.

We’ve seen you looking, we’ve registered, you’re still around, which means we like you.

You’re smart and you’re brave.

It really isn’t fair(fun). And you’re not replacing(replying) her. That you will not do.

But you must let(left) my heart heal. It heals already. You’re healing it. I like you. I like the way you think.

But to have lost Rose. To have loved and lost Rose. Nothing I can say would do it justice. It’s bigger than you can imagine.

Maybe. Maybe I just don’t want to fall(fill,full) in love and then lose you, too.

I might go mad with grief. You’re looking more and more like you’re quite something.

Not fall in love. Not get hurt.

It’s a good plan. Why is it failing(fulfilling). Sabotage.



I gave up on my parents. I’m leaving home(them) again.


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